*OBS* På grund af sygdom tilbyder jeg i øjeblikket ikke ammevejledning eller ammeforberedelse *OBS*

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Her er virkelig en, der får beskrevet på en virkelig fin måde, hvorfor det ikke er at slå nogen oven i hovedet eller at “shame” dem, bare fordi man deler information om risikoen ved at give modermælkserstatning (mme) og ved ikke at amme. Det handler ikke om at shame nogen som helst. Det handler om at man skal have den nødvendige information, for ellers kan man ikke træffe et informeret valg eller give informeret samtykke til at sundhedspersonale må give ens baby mme.Hi! Just a note from your friendly neighbourhood formula feeding mum here to explain why sharing facts about the risks of formula feeding isn't shaming mums like me who had to use formula. Some fun facts about me: my uterus doesn't work properly, sure it grows babies fine, but can it push them out? Absolutely not. My breasts make some milk, but not enough to fully feed a human baby. Basically my uterus and my breasts are like that annoying co-worker who does, like, 50% of the job they're supposed to do then clocks off, thinking they've done you all a massive favour. Twats. My lady parts are twats. So since my uterus couldn't be arsed to push babies out I had to have C-sections. Great right? It's awesome that we have options like that available. Buuuuuuuut....there are risks too. Risks to me, serious ones. Risks to my baby. So I had to sit down with my consultant and we went over the risks, and the benefits, and how in my case with my twatty, do- a- half -arsed -job uterus, even though there were real risks involved a C-section it would probably be the safest way for me to deliver my babies. The risks were real, but the benefits out weighed the risk. They were not shaming me, or guilting me. They were giving me information so I could make a truly informed decision. Exactly the same with my pair of utter dick, can't-be-arsed-to-make-a-full-milk-supply breasts. My babies needed to be supplemented. That's all there is to it. My breasts wouldn't do the one fucking job they actually have, so we used formula. There were risks to using formula. We can't pretend other wise. It is what it is. Buuuuuut....again because my breasts are freeloading sacks of fat the benefits of giving supplements out weighed the risks. It's never nice to be told that an intervention, or medication, or treatment or whatever, that you need for your child has risks. In fact it's more than not nice, it stings like a sandpaper dildo with tabasco sauce lube.But if you know what the risks are in advance, when you have the opportunity to weigh up those risks and the benefits of something, and come to a truly informed decision, secure in the knowledge that, yes, there are risks, but they're necessary ones and you are still doing the absolute best thing for your baby, in the circumstances life has given you; well I can tell you that stings one hell of a lot less then making a decision in good faith, thinking you're making an informed decision only to find out down the line that you weren't given the correct information, and were effectively coerced into taking risks that you didn't know about. Even if you would have made the same choice if you'd been given that information it still hurts because you were robbed of the opportunity to go into it with open eyes, and make an informed choice. We don't need to be infantalised, or patronised, or patted on the head like children and told that nothing matters, there are no risks, everything is the same, don't worry your pretty little head about it. What we need is correct information from which to make our own, fully informed choices. ... See MoreSee Less
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